Executive Support System

Executive Support System is a reporting tool that allows you to turn your organization’s into useful summarized reports. These reports are generally used by executive level managers for quick access to reports coming from all company levels and departments such as billing, cost accounting , staffing, scheduling, and more.


In addition to providing quick access to organized data from departments, some Executive Support System tools also provide analysis tools that predicts a series of performance outcomes over time using the input data. This type of ESS is useful to executives as it provides possible outcomes and quick reference to statistics and numbers needed for decision-making.

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Product Review

downloadI am the kind of person who loves to capture various things. With that, I needed to buy a Go Pro because it has special feature in their cameras that can be mounted on almost anything, which gives them a competitive advantage. And the Go Pro’s social media platform allows Go Pro users to share their experiences through videos or blogs, which creates a sense of community .

So I had to search and look for the products sold by Lazada. I bought the Go Pro Hero 5 black (the link is provided below). It has the exact features with the Go Pro I want to have. I tried it and good thing, it is working so well. The quality of the videos and pictures were so clear. It is perfect for my blog.





I love it. I am recommending you this item. Happy shopping!



Salem M. Barrat, satisfied buyer ❤

Fabuleux Restaurante

“People who love to eat are always the best people”

-Julia Child


I want to have a restaurant because it can be a profoundly satisfying and exciting way to make a living. Everybody eats, yet styles of foods are as varied as the ethnic diversity and individual personalities.

When you own a restaurant, you will never go hungry. You will always have food inventory available to feed yourself and your loved ones. And you will most likely spend very little amount of money on food you buy outside.

And of course, a restaurant is a gathering place. If you create a space where people want to linger, then you will have a built-in group of people who want to enjoy in your restaurant.

Finally, our Fabuleux Restaurante is here to serve you. A french-spanish themed restaurant which will surely satisfy your cravings and will serve you new dishes. This is located at Sta. Barbara St., Buenos, Iligan City. It will be open everyday, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Our grand opening will be on April 19, 2017.

We encourage you to come in and try out our dishes personally! And we’re always looking for constructive criticism and ideas. We want to hear from you!

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Salem M. Barrat, owner